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L-Glutathione Reduced Powder Skin Whitening 70-18-8

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L-Glutathione Reduced Powder Skin Whitening 70-18-8, Find Details and Price about Glutathione 70-18-8 from L-Glutathione Reduced Powder Skin Whitening 70-18-8 - Anhui GSH Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.
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L-Glutathione Reduced Powder Skin Whitening 70-18-8

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Liposome glutathione cleanses the liver, resists and supports antioxidant liquid glutathione. Glutathione is known as our body's antidote and is an ally of healthy aging, immunity and detoxification.

The antioxidant glutathione helps protect our cells from the negative effects of toxins, helping to neutralize and remove them. It can also support a balanced immune system.

Unparalleled absorption - The bioavailability of common glutathione supplements is poor, and liposome delivery organisms flood the body with nutrients and botanics when they reach the tongue and are ingested.

Triple whitening combination formula: Glutathione + cysteine + vitamin C, white the whole body from the inside out.

Product Properties

CAS No.70-18-8
AppearanceWhite or almost white powder
Specific optical rotation−15.5° to −17.5°
Assay98.0% ~ 101.0%
Loss on dryingNot more than 0.5%
HS Code2930909099
Production Capacity900ton/Year



L-Glutathione Reduced Powder Fuction: Food ingredient, Cosmetics, Medicine

How to choose a glutathione supplement form

Glutathione comes in two different forms:

Reduced glutathione (GSH, or 1-glutathione) (active form)

Oxidized glutathione [GSSG] (inactive form)

Reduced glutathione becomes oxidized and inactive in the cellular environment and becomes oxidized glutathione.

More than 90% of glutathione in the human body is in the reduced form, and the rest is in the oxidized form. Glutathione oxidation and reductase catalyze the interconversion of the two. Due to the action of glutathione reductase, the oxidized form can be recycled into reduced glutathione.

Reduced glutathione is found in almost every cell in the human body. Its distribution is second only to that of water molecules. The biggest problem with glutathione is its extremely low oral bioavailability. Even when reduced glutathione is taken, it is still destroyed by powerful digestive enzymes in the small intestine and hydrolyzed, leaving behind three amino acids: glycine, glutamine and cysteine. So that almost all oral glutathione can not enter the blood circulation, can not enter the cell to do its job.

Therefore, the choice of liposome, microphospholipid double-layer encapsulation technology can better deliver glutathione to the target, so as to play a role.

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