Natural Safety Scavenge Free Radicals L-Glutathione Enriched Yeast Extracts

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Packaging Material: Paper; Storage Method: Normal; Shelf Life: >12 Months; Nutrient Composition: Glutathione; Resource: Natural; The content of active substances: >90%;
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Natural Safety Scavenge Free Radicals L-Glutathione Enriched Yeast Extracts

What is L-Glutathione Enriched Yeast Extracts?


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Natural Safety Scavenge Free Radicals L-Glutathione Enriched Yeast Extracts

The main components of L-Glutathione Enriched Yeast Extracts are glutathione, amino acids, flavor nucleotides, vitamins B and trace elements, which have both the physiological effects of glutathione and the uniqueness of yeast extracts. It is natural, safety and nutritious.

What can we supply?

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The benefits of our L-Glutathione Enriched Yeast Extracts

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L-Glutathione Enriched Yeast Extracts is rich in glutathione, which can antioxidant, scavenging free radicals, detoxification, enhances immunity, anti-aging. It is completely natural and safe, widely used in masks, creams and oral liquids.

Protect the enzyme activity:

The physiological function of glutathione-rich yeast extract is mainly because there is an active sulfhydryl on the side chain group of cysteine in glutathione, which can protect the sulfhydryl of protease in the body from being destroyed and achieving the function of protecting the enzyme activity.

Counteract the damage caused by free radicals:

Reduced glutathione is an antioxidant that protects cells and organs by binding with free radicals in the body, then converts free radicals to acids substances that can be excreted.

Glutathione-rich yeast extract, a taste-boosting ingredient

Glutathione-enriched yeast extract also features a unique taste that can be applied in food condiments to boost the savory taste profile, and intensify the authentic meaty notes of the products. Moreover, it has synergistic effects in enhancing Xianness/umami taste when binding with inorganic salts. you can achieve the perfect taste and nutrition profile in end products.

Liver protection

Besides, glutathione can also participate in carboxymethyl and transpropylamino reactions, thus achieving the physiological effect of protecting liver function

The application of L-Glutathione Enriched Yeast Extracts

1.L-Glutathione Enriched Yeast Extracts is high quality and high efficient nutritional increase fresh agent and flavor enhancer.

2.L-Glutathione Enriched Yeast Extracts contains glutathione, so it has functions of anti-oxidant, a free radical scavenging, detoxification, enhancing immunity, anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-radiation damage.