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Review of the May Exhibition

Author: GSHWORLD Release time: 2024-05-17 Column: Company News


This month, we participated in two large international exhibitions, CPHI North America and Vitafoods Europe 2024.

1. CPHI North America

CPHI North America

At the world's leading pharmaceutical raw material exhibition, we had in-depth exchanges with many international companies and received inquiries from customers from different countries, expressing strong interest in our products.

2. Vitafoods Europe 2024

Vitafoods Europe 2024

At Vitafoods Europe 2024, which focuses on nutritional health and nutraceuticals, we showcase the latest research results and products, including new formulations and applications for specific products.

Through communication with professionals participating in the exhibition, we have a better understanding of market trends and consumer needs. Many customers have spoken highly of our product quality and innovation capabilities and expressed their intention for further cooperation.

By participating in two international exhibitions this time, we not only demonstrated our strength and product advantages, but also deepened our connections with global customers and broadened our international business. At the next CPHI China exhibition in Shanghai from June 19th to 21st, we will Continue to meet new and old customers. Our booth number is W4P28. We look forward to discussing cooperation opportunities with you and promoting the development of the health industry.


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