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Application of three kinds of glutathione in cosmetics

Author: China Glutathione suppliers & manufacturers Release time: 2021-12-03 Column: Product News


L-Glutathione Reduced can prevent the infiltration of Los tyrosinase in order to achieve the purpose of inhibiting melanin formation. On eliminate wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, shrink pores, lighten pigment, the body has an excellent whitening effect. L-Glutathione Reduced as the main ingredient in cosmetic products in Europe and the United States was welcomed by the decades.

Expose to UV environment can increase the numbers of melanocyte, which caused the hyperpigmentation darken your skin. L-Glutathione Oxidized powder can reduce melanin production by restraining the activity of tyrosinase and switching the synthesis of eumelanin.

Application of three kinds of glutathione in cosmetics


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