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Whitening Antioxidant L-Reduced Glutathione Powder

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Whitening Antioxidant L-Reduced Glutathione Powder, Find Details and Price about Glutathione 70-18-8 from Whitening Antioxidant L-Reduced Glutathione Powder - Anhui GSH Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.
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Whitening Antioxidant L-Reduced Glutathione Powder

We are committed to new product development and are dedicated to providing you with the most cost-effective, high-quality Whitening Antioxidant Glutathione, L-Reduced Glutathione, Glutathione Powder and thoughtful after-sales service. Our company not only pays great attention to the quality management of L-Reduced Glutathione powder, but also continuously introduces various new products for the market. With an honest and stable management attitude, we are committed to product research and development, enhance corporate competitiveness, and strive to improve customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the pursuit of all our staff. We insist on the supreme principle of 'quality is culture, reputation first, and customer-oriented'. We are confident to provide customers with high-quality products at reasonable prices. We have won a good reputation among our customers by providing high quality, safe and reliable products as well as fast and efficient service. All our products are produced under strict quality control. Our products have been exported to many countries. The purpose of formulating service system is to better serve customers, help customers solve problems, meet their needs and even exceed their expectations. The company unswervingly insists on providing users with all-round, diversified and wide-level services.

L-Reduced Glutathione Properties

CAS No.70-18-8
AppearanceWhite or almost white powder
Specific optical rotation−15.5° to −17.5°
Assay98.0% ~ 101.0%
Loss on dryingNot more than 0.5%
HS Code2930909099
Production Capacity900ton/Year


What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that exists in every cell of the body, which can remove excess free radicals, such as hydrogen peroxide, peroxide free radicals, etc., protect the sulfhydryl group in the protein from oxidation, repair the sulfhydryl group in the damaged protein, and restore the active function of the protein to make the skin cells healthier.

L-Reduced Glutathione Fuction and Application

L-Reduced Glutathione Fuction and Application

✔ Whitening and brightening

It can inactivate tyrosinase activity, inhibit the production of melanin, weaken the biochemical activity and formation of melanocytes, and can also enhance the role of vitamin c in the body and have a whitening effect.

✔ Antioxidant

The main physiological function of glutathione is to remove excess free radicals in the body, thereby delaying skin aging.

✔ Increases skin elasticity

Glutathione has a good integrated moisturizing effect, which can fill new skin with moisture, leaving it smooth and elastic.

Glutathione precautions

1. Glutathione as a peptide, it is naturally unstable and easily breaks down in water and loses its effectiveness

2. Glutathione levels decline with age. Generally, glutathione levels begin to decrease after the age of 35

3. Bad habits Long-term chronic stress can cause your glutathione to be constantly depleted

4. Eat more animal liver, yeast, tomatoes, cherries, cherry tomatoes and other foods can supplement glutathione

5. Glutathione's whitening effect may be limited to UV induced tanning and whitening

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Product Line

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