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Small molecule protein composed of three amino acids glutamicacid, cysteine and glycine.

Important component of human antioxidant enzymes (GlutathionePeroxidase, GPx for short) and has antioxidant properties. Mayhelp human cells fight free radicals and reduce the occurrence ofdiseases.

Raw materials used: round yeast glutathione, multiplecertifications and patents of the US FDA, who has only US FDAGRAS safety certification, TFDA approved food-grade raw materials

Whitening beyond sun protection

Experts recommendation: Glutathione!

Glutathione (GSH), also known as "the mother ofantioxidants", is the main element of liver metabolism andthe source of all antioxidant reactions. It is the key to skin!

It is worth noting that glutathione has a double mechanism for fairskin: during the day, it can directly inhibit tyrosinase and prevent theformation of melanin; at night, it can help to fall asleep, reducefatigue, and help sleep and beautify, effective Repairs skin after sunexposure.

GSH Glutathione lmportant

GSH itself can be synthesized by human cells and has higherconcentrations in the liver and kidneys. Among the antioxidants thatare enzymes in the body, the most important and efficient are GSHwhich can not only fight the body the free radicals produced also canremove foreign free radicals and help the cells maintain a healthierstate.

GSH in the human body will decrease with aging, stress, poor diet,poor lifestyle, obesity, smoking, etc. If the amount of GSH in thebody is insufficient, the risk of cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases.degenerative neurological diseases, aging and other diseases willgreatly increase.

Only GSH obtained the USFDA-GRAS safety certification!

How to supplement GSH from food has become an indispensablepart of the modern diet.

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