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Why is it recommended that middle-aged and elderly men and women over 50 years old should eat NMN

Author: GSHWORLD Release time: 2023-06-14 Column: Technological Innovation


50 years old can be said to be a watershed. From the perspective of age, 40 years old can be regarded as middle-aged, and once the threshold of 50 years old is passed, it is considered a real middle-aged person.

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At this time, the NAD+ level in the human body is getting lower and lower. If the NAD+ level is not increased by supplementing NMN in time after the age of 50, what changes will happen to the body?

Accelerated aging

The level of NAD+ is closely related to the speed of human aging. If there is a lack of NAD+ in the body, the speed of aging will be accelerated. This kind of aging is not only superficial aging, but all aspects of aging and degradation inside and outside.

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Including the lack of physical strength during exercise, poor legs and feet, osteoporosis, easy panting, slow energy recovery, easy feeling tired, memory loss and easy forgetting, poor hearing and vision... These are the heart, lungs, brain, bones , facial features and other signs of aging. Once aging strikes, all aspects of the body cannot keep up.

It's like a machine lacks lubricating oil, and the connection of various parts becomes rough and stuck, resulting in low work efficiency, or defective products are produced, or even strikes after being used.

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Supplementing NMN in time to synthesize more NAD+ is to add a few drops of key lubricating oil to the old body, so that the body functions can run at high speed again, and the cells can metabolize more vigorously and produce more life energy.

poor sleep

As the age increases, the NAD+ level decreases, which will further affect the biological clock, and it is easy to suffer from sleep disorders, insomnia, and insomnia. This is a problem that most middle-aged and elderly people will face. People with insomnia understand this pain!

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If you suffer from insomnia for a long time, it will cause problems such as endocrine disorders and decreased immunity, as well as neurasthenia and nervous system disorders. It can be said that the harm is not small.

The results of a human trial of NMN show that NMN can help regulate the biological clock. After taking it, it is easier for the elderly to fall asleep, and the time for dreaming and deep sleep is longer. The effect is very obvious.

increased risk of chronic disease

The three highs (hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and hyperglycemia) are health problems with high incidence among middle-aged and elderly people, and are potential killers of vascular health. life.

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Therefore, middle-aged and elderly people should take precautions against the three advanced chronic diseases.

In terms of blood pressure, NMN can enhance the health of blood vessels and delay the aging of blood vessels, also known as the scavenger of blood vessels;

In terms of blood sugar, NMN can reduce insulin resistance and stabilize blood sugar levels;

In terms of blood lipids, NMN can inhibit cholesterol synthesis, promote fat decomposition, reduce body fat rate, and avoid obesity and high blood lipids.

skin deterioration

There are two main reasons for the deterioration of skin condition, one is endogenous aging, which is aging caused by aging; the other is exogenous photoaging, that is, ultraviolet radiation accelerates skin aging.

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The research team of Doshisha University in Japan observed the effect of menopausal women taking NMN. The results showed that: supplementing NMN for 8 weeks, the indicators of skin aging such as AGEs levels have been significantly improved. NMN can maintain skin moisture, dry skin, age spots, skin elasticity, skin makeup effects, It has good effect on acne skin and other aspects.

It shows that NMN can improve endogenous aging, and some studies have shown that it can improve photoaging.

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A study in the "Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology" showed that supplementing NMN can increase the resilience of the skin after photoaging, making the skin younger and more beautiful.

Therefore, people over 50 years old, whether male or female, are recommended to take NMN, not only for anti-aging, but also to prevent or improve the appearance of aging diseases in advance.


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