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Glutathione is renowned for its depigmenting property

This molecule has always been in limelight for skin lightening and increasing luminosity, when used Glutathione either in topical or any other form.Tyrosinase is an integral enzyme in melanogenesis (the process by which melanin is produced). GSH works by inhibiting the tyrosinase activity which promotes skin brightening and even tone. glutathione hyperpigmentation Another mechanism by…

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2030 scale: 5.1 billion yuan, Adenosyl methionine

【 Recommended Synthetic Biological Advantage Products 】 By 2030, the market size can reach 5.1 billion yuan, and the production process technology of high-yield Adenosyl methionine (SAM) What is S-Adenosyl methionine? S-adenosyl methionine (SAM) is an important intermediate metabolite that can participate in many biochemical reactions in the body, such as the synthesis of nucleic…

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Glutathione: Whitening, anti-aging, skin repair, clearing free radicals!

Glutathione is an amino acid widely present in the human body and has multiple important physiological functions. In the medical beauty industry, GSH also has extensive application value. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the efficacy, role, and application of glutathione in the medical beauty industry. 1、The efficacy and role of glutathione Glutathione…

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NMN Powder

NMN can prevent lung injury and reduce inflammation

Coughing non-stop? During the peak period of influenza and mycoplasma pneumonia, NMN may prevent lung injury and reduce inflammation Winter is cold and dry, with large temperature differences, making it a high-risk period for respiratory diseases. Recently, influenza and mycoplasma pneumonia have frequently become hot topics. Faced with the fierce and threatening bacteria and viruses,…

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Clinical studies in Geriatrics confirm that NAD+levels are directly proportional to the dosage of NMN supplementation

NAD+levels are directly proportional to the dose of NMN supplementation

Clinical studies in Geriatrics confirm that NAD+levels are directly proportional to the dosage of NMN supplementation NAD+(nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) exists in every living cell and is an important biological cofactor. As people age, the level of NAD+in cells gradually decreases, so people hope to increase the level of NAD+by supplementing the precursor NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide)…

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Nicotinamide riboside improves muscle mitochondrial biogenesis, satellite cell differentiation, and gut microbiota in a twin study

NR is not a panacea, but can it improve muscles, cells and intestinal flora?

We all know that nicotinamide riboside (NR), the precursor of NAD, is a promising compound that can improve obesity-related mitochondrial dysfunction and metabolic syndrome in mice. However, so far, the number of human intervention studies in NR is still relatively small, with the longest clinical trial being 12 weeks, and most short-term clinical trials conducted…

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Systematic engineering of Escherichia coli forefficient production of nicotinamide riboside fromnicotinamide and 3-cyanopyridine

Efficient synthesis of nicotinamide riboside using Escherichia coli

In this issue, Bioresource Technology published online the research results of “Systematic engineering of Escherichia coli for efficient production of nicotinamide riboside from nicotinamide and 3-cyanopyridine” by the research group of Professor Zhou Jingwen and the team of Academician Chen Jian of Jiangnan University Future Food Science Center. Huang Zhongshi, a 2020 PhD student, is…

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