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The ATP powder for cosmetics, Adenosine disodium triphosphate, ATP raw material we produce have the advantages of long service life, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, novel styles, and first-class quality, which is a new generation of products with strong vitality. We're professional ATP powder manufacturers and suppliers in China, specialized in providing the best products and service. We warmly welcome you to buy or wholesale bulk ATP powder from our factory. For price consultation, contact us. Get A Quote

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We always aim at honesty, truth-seeking, pragmatism, and a strong brand to promote the healthy and rapid development of the ATP, Adenosine disodium triphosphate, ATP powder industry and are committed to providing customers with high-quality products and first-class services. We sincerely hope to establish a long-term cooperation in the future. Our development tenet is to win the trust of customers with excellent product quality, satisfy customers with systematic ATP powder. Under the conditions of economic globalization, we pay more attention to the formulation and application of technological strategies. We combine the power and technology of experts to provide customers with a complete solution that can improve productivity. Our company gradually improves the mechanism of respecting knowledge, talent and encouraging innovation, and vigorously advocates the culture of frankness and harmony between people. Our goal is to continue to provide quality service and to expand our capabilities and quality standards, and continuous improvement of people and processes is key to achieving this goal. Your satisfaction is our feedback! Your opinion is to help us! We are willing to go hand in hand with you and seek common development. We adhere to the concept of scientific development, adhere to the coordinated development of technology and economy, and make the company better and stronger.

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Anhui GSH Bio-Technology Co.,LTD was established in August 2017, we are a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales, with enzyme catalysis technology as core value and glutathione and Citicoline, NMN, as main products, ATP
GSHWORLD is the leader of the global ATP industry. We have the first whole-enzyme catalysis technology in China, and have become the leading enterprise in coenzyme products which are widely used in health industry, medical & beauty, green agriculture, biomedicine fields and other . GSHWORLD adheres to independent innovation. We have applied for more than 160 invention patents, and have undertaken a number of provincial and national science projects.

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