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USP43/Ep8.0 Standard L-Glutathione Reduced Power Wholesale

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USP43/Ep8.0 Standard L-Glutathione Reduced Power Wholesale, Find Details and Price about Cosmetic Skin Care from USP43/Ep8.0 Standard L-Glutathione Reduced Power Wholesale - Anhui GSH Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.
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USP43/Ep8.0 Standard L-Glutathione Reduced Power Wholesale

We have won the affirmation and trust of our customers with our strong strength, mature technology and high quality L-Glutathione Reduced, L-Glutathione Power, Reduced Glutathione. We adhere to the enterprise spirit of 'honesty wins credibility, diligence creates brilliance', implements a market-oriented and technology-based business operation model, and strives to build a respected L-Glutathione Reduced powder manufacturer in the industry! Adhering to the enterprise spirit of dedication, collaboration, truth-seeking and innovation, the company has always been committed to product development and innovation. We will firmly grasp the general keynote of seeking progress in a stable manner and deeply implement the new concept of development. We innovate the development concept, business model and economic efficiency, making the company's development to a higher level. To be the most honest supplier in the market is our constant pursuit. We have formed a series of quality consciousness and quality concept in the long-term production and management.

L-glutathione reduced Product Properties

Model NO.L-Glutathione Reduced
Loss on DryingNot More Than 0.5%
Shelf Life2 Years
FactoryFactory Direct Sale
Transport Package25kg/Drum
HS Code2930909099
Production Capacity900tons/Year

L-Glutathione Reduced

L-Glutathione Reduced Power

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is a thiol group containing tripeptide formed from glutamic acid,cysteine, and glycine. L-Glutathione is an antioxidant, preventing damage to important cellular components caused by reactive oxygen species such as free radicals and peroxides.

L-Glutathione Reduced Function and Application

L-Glutathione Reduced Function and Application

1. Food ingredient
a. To add to the yogurt and baby food, the equivalent of vitamin C, can play a stabilizing agent.
b. In its mix to the surimi to prevent color deepened.
c. Added to pasta, to make manufacturers reduce the time of bread to the original one-half or one third, and serve to strengthen the role of food nutrition and other features.
d. To the meat and cheese and other foods, have enhanced the effect of flavor.

2. Cosmetics
Glutathione can prevent the infiltration of Los tyrosinase in order to achieve the purpose of inhibiting melanin formation. On eliminate wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, shrink pores, lighten pigment, the body has an excellent whitening effect. Glutathione as the main ingredient in cosmetic products in Europe and the United States was welcomed by the decades.

3. Medicinea
Anti-allergy, or inflammation caused by hypoxemia in patients with systemic or local, can reduce cell damage and promote repair.
b. To protect the liver, detoxification, inactivation of hormones, and to promote bile acid metabolism and help absorb fat and fat-soluble vitamins digestive tract.
c. Radiation sickness and radiation safety: radiation, radioactive substances or because of leukopenia caused by anticancer drugs and other symptoms can play a protective effect.

Company Profile

Company Profile

Product Line

Product Line

We implement strict management and control throughout the entire process from research and development, procurement of raw materials, production and input, to final product testing, packaging, delivery, and transportation. The entire production supply chain is traceable.

Company Team and Certifications

Company Team and CertificationsCompany Team and Certifications


1. What certificates do you have?
ISO,Kosher,Halal,FDA,Business License and Food Management License.

2. How to control and quality assurance?
a.High grade clean workshop.
b.Inspection center equipped with instruments of HPLC,GF etc,R&D and QC for testing of each batch.
c.Cooperated with third-party test agency for testing heavy metals,pesticide residues,allergen etc.

3. What's your shipping methods and delivery time?
a.Shipping Methods:DHL,UPS,TNT,FEDEX,EMS
b.Shipping time:5-8 days by air or 20-40 days by sea.

4. How about delivery leadtime?
Within 7 working days after payment confirmed.

The company adheres to the tenet of "integrity and efficiency, pursuit of excellence, and harmonious development", and continuously develops and introduces advanced dried L-Glutathione powder, L-Glutathione Reduced Power, Reduced Glutathione products and equipment to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets. Sincerely invite colleagues at home and abroad to join us, complement each other's advantages, win-win cooperation, and develop together. We're professional L-Glutathione Reduced powder manufacturers and suppliers in China, specialized in providing the best products and service. We warmly welcome you to buy or wholesale bulk L-Glutathione Reduced powder from our factory.

Is reduced glutathione more effective?

Reduced glutathione is a form of glutathione, an antioxidant that is essential for cellular health and protection from oxidative stress. Reduced glutathione is better than regular glutathione because it is more bioavailable and more effective in increasing glutathione levels in the body. Studies have shown that reduced glutathione can improve glutathione levels in various tissues and cells in as little as one month. Reduced glutathione also helps to prevent damage by free radicals.

Which is better reduced or liposomal glutathione?

Liposomal glutathione and reduced glutathione are two forms of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from oxidative stress. The main difference between them is the delivery mechanism and consequent absorption. Reduced glutathione performs well when supplemented through suppositories, but has low bioavailability when taken orally. Liposomal glutathione, on the other hand, has been shown to increase reduced glutathione in the blood when taken orally, as it is better absorbed intracellularly.

What to avoid when taking L glutathione?

When taking L-glutathione, it's advisable to avoid certain substances that may interfere with its effectiveness. Alcohol and certain medications, especially those containing acetaminophen, can diminish glutathione levels. Additionally, excessive sunlight exposure and certain skincare products may affect its absorption. Always consult with a healthcare professional before combining L-glutathione with other supplements or medications to ensure compatibility and optimal results. Maintaining a balanced lifestyle with a healthy diet and minimizing exposure to environmental toxins can further enhance the benefits of L-glutathione supplementation.

Who should avoid glutathione?

Individuals with known allergies to glutathione or any of its components should avoid its supplementation. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should consult with healthcare professionals before using glutathione supplements, as there may be limited data on its safety in these situations. Additionally, individuals with certain medical conditions, such as asthma or history of eczema, should exercise caution and seek medical advice before incorporating glutathione into their routine due to potential allergic reactions.

Is it okay to take L glutathione everyday?

L-glutathione is an antioxidant that is naturally produced by the liver and nerve cells in the central nervous system. It can help metabolize toxins, break down free radicals, support immune function, and more. However, there is no recommended daily allowance for glutathione.
According to a study, glutathione doses given ranged from 250 to 1,000 milligrams daily. One study found that a minimum of 500 milligrams daily for at least two weeks was needed to increase glutathione levels.

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