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Glutathione Now Available in Australia

Author: GSHWORLD Release time: 2015-09-07 Column: Technological Innovation


Glutathione Now Available in Australia

Glutathione is now available after Australia’s Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA) approved it for use “as a therapeutically active ingredient in adults.”

Glutathione will be exclusivity distributed in Australia by Trans Chem, a biotech specialist that sources and imports fine chemicals to Australian manufacturers. TGA approval of Glutathione was received in October, after a milestone clinical trial of the master antioxidant showed positive results, which were published in the European Journal of Nutrition. GSH WORLD meets the current United States Pharmacopeial (USP) Convention Standards and is available as a dietary supplement in the United States, CaNADa, Mexico, and select countries in Europe and Asia.

Glutathione is a powerful and natural antioxidant that is obtained two ways: from the food and as part of the body’s internal production. For many reasons including age, health conditions, lifestyle, environment, and certain medications, the body’s stores of Glutathione may be in short supply.

GSH WORLD uses a patented fermentation technology to manufacture a pure form of Glutathione. Called nature’s “master antioxidant,” glutathione replenishes the body’s stores helping to protect cells from oxidative stress and harmful toxins associated with free radicals.

About Trans Chem

Trans Chem is Australia’s leading independent importer and distributor of raw materials to the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, stock feed and veterinary markets. Operating since 1994, the head office and warehouse is located within the biotech centre of Sydney, with additional facilities in the other major markets of Brisbane and Melbourne. Trans Chem reach extends to over 90% of the Australian market.


Shenzhen GSH Bio-tech Co., Ltd is a professional manufacture focusing on research, development and producing the reduced glutathione by biocatalytic method. The annual production capability can be reached to 200 ton, and the quality of our glutathione can be at the pharmaceutical level.

Since the very beginning of company setting-up, we have been dedicated on environment saving and product quality is increasing. We utilize the patented method to produce the GSH with less energy consumption at 70% less and pollution discharge at 80% less, compared with traditional way. Green production is our always persistent endeavor; no any heavy metal iron is added during the whole production process.

So far, we produce three levels of glutathione, food level, cosmetic level and pharmaceutical level.


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