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Skin care benefits of glutathione

Author: GSHWORLD Release time: 2023-08-01 Column: Product News


Glutathione exists in two forms in the human body: reduced glutathione (GSH) and oxidized glutathione (GSSG).

oxidized glutathione

The reduced glutathione (GSH) is mainly involved in the reaction in the body. After the reaction, the reduced form will become the oxidized form, but the ratio of the two is normally fixed, about 100:1. If this ratio is out of balance , usually reflects changes in the body's antioxidant capacity, and certain diseases will follow.

With its powerful aura, glutathione is not only active in the field of health care products and medicine, but also popular in the field of skin care. It mainly acts as an antioxidant to regulate body functions.

Whitening Mechanism of Glutathione

1. Glutathione can reduce tyrosinase activity in three different ways

2. Glutathione interferes with the cellular transfer of tyrosinase to pre-melanosomes, a prerequisite for melanin synthesis.

3. The inhibition of tyrosinase is achieved indirectly through its antioxidant effect

4. Glutathione has a strong antioxidant capacity, which has been proven to scavenge reactive oxygen species produced in epidermal cells induced by ultraviolet radiation.

Skin care benefits of glutathione

1. Whitening and blemish: It is a strong reducing agent that can convert melanin in cells into light pigment, inhibit the formation of spots, prevent skin aging and pigmentation, and reduce the formation of melanin

2. Antioxidant: An important antioxidant in the body, which can remove free radicals in the human body and protect the sulfhydryl groups in many proteins and enzymes from being oxidized by harmful substances, thereby ensuring the normal physiological functions of proteins and enzymes and improving skin resistance. Oxidative power and makes the skin glow

3. Anti-allergic: It can correct the imbalance of acetylcholine and cholinesterase and play an anti-allergic effect

4. Integrated detoxification: It can weaken the toxicity of toxic substances, and can directly combine with some toxic substances such as heavy metal ions, carcinogens, and Aspergillus flavus, and then excrete them under the action of enzymes

5. Anti-aging: It can effectively delay cell aging, accelerate cell regeneration and thus delay the aging process of people

*Special note - This article is for informational purposes only and cannot replace a doctor's treatment diagnosis and advice. It should not be regarded as a recommendation or proof of efficacy of the medical products involved. If it involves disease diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation, please be sure to go to a professional medical institution to seek professional advice.

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