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The Importance of Exogenous Glutathione Supplementation

Author: GSHWORLD Release time: 2023-09-04 Column: Product News


Glutathione is one of the most common substances in the human body. It is present in almost every cell in the body. In addition, glutathione, as a small molecule active peptide in human cells, has the functions of maintaining normal immune system function, antioxidant and detoxification.

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Glutathione acts as a natural antioxidant that scavenges free radicals from the body. Exogenous glutathione supplementation is necessary. At the same time, glutathione can effectively improve the radiation protection ability of cells and treat leukopenia and bone marrow tissue inflammation caused by radioactive drugs or radiation. It is an essential substance for the human body to resist radiation.

Under normal circumstances, GSH in mammalian cells mainly exists in a reduced state, with a concentration of usually 0.5 to 10 mmol, accounting for more than 85% to 90% of the total glutathione content. It can cause damage to cells spontaneously produced or caused by external toxic factors. The active intermediate products are cleared and detoxified, and have the function of protecting cells.

When the body is exposed to radiation, reactive oxygen species and free radicals with oxidizing effects can be produced. The GSH antioxidant system in cells can effectively remove the reactive oxygen species and free radicals caused by radiation and reduce the damage of radiation to cells. On this basis, glutathione has the effect of inhibiting cell gene mutation and improving the immune system. High concentrations of glutathione can activate the activity of immune cells, accelerate the differentiation and proliferation of T cells and B cells, and improve the resistance to foreign pathogenic substances. Such as the ability of bacteria, viruses, and parasites to invade.

The latest research shows that glutathione has miraculous effects in whitening, skin care and anti-aging. Because glutathione can protect skin cells to a certain extent, thereby preventing skin aging and pigmentation, reducing the formation of melanin, improving skin antioxidant capacity and making skin shiny. In addition, GSH is effective in treating corneal diseases and improving It also has a good effect on sexual function.

*Special note - This article is for informational purposes only and cannot replace a doctor's treatment diagnosis and advice. It should not be regarded as a recommendation or proof of efficacy of the medical products involved. If it involves disease diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation, please be sure to go to a professional medical institution to seek professional advice.


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