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The reliability of our CDPC Powder, Citicoline Sodium Pharmaceutical Raw Materials suppliers, Citicoline Sodium solutions continues to grow, allowing us to meet new customer needs. Our company has high quality core management and experienced team, gathered a group of the best talents in the Citicoline Sodium Powder industry, and formed a research and development team featuring technology. We collaborate the cultural core of innovation, inspire each other, work diligently together, and tolerate and collaborate. "The sea is full of rivers, and there is tolerance". Everyone should learn to understand, learn to tolerate, learn to be grateful, work together to build a team of mutual respect and tolerance, share the wind and rain, share the sunshine, face all hardships and obstacles together, and move towards a more brilliant future together. Our company makes the staff realize the enterprise culture, understand the necessity of enterprise culture construction, stimulate the enthusiasm of staff participation, so as to create a good atmosphere of enterprise culture construction. The ultimate goal of our R&D team is to improve the overall experience of Chinese users, reduce costs for users, and provide products with international quality and domestic prices. We use our professional advantages to drive performance growth, achieve better economic benefits, and win market popularity and reputation. We will make timely and reasonable adjustments to the competitive strategy according to the implementation progress and evaluation results to ensure the complete realization of the

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