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Is PQQ suitable as a nutrient for pets?

Author: GSHWORLD Release time: 2024-07-03 Column: Product News


PQQ is a vitamin-like coenzyme with antioxidant properties, which is widely found in microorganisms, plants and animals. It participates in mitochondrial development, energy metabolism, cell signaling and other processes, and has multiple biological functions such as growth promotion, anti-oxidation, immunomodulation, anti-inflammatory, anti-stress and neuroprotection.

Studies have shown that PQQ can delay aging by enhancing antioxidant enzyme activity, removing oxidation products, reducing the generation of strong oxidants, inhibiting the production of inflammatory cytokines, and protecting immune organs.

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1. Application of PQQ in animal nutrition

PQQ has a positive effect on the growth and development, reproductive performance, immune function and antioxidant capacity of animals. Studies have shown that PQQ supplementation can improve the production performance and health of animals, increase antioxidant indicators, reduce the level of inflammatory factors, and protect immune organs to a certain extent.

2. Clinical data of PQQ

PQQ shows potential in clinical and organ-specific functions, especially in kidney and liver protection, intestinal barrier function and microbiome regulation, heart and skeletal muscle protection, and neuroprotection.

3. Safety of PQQ

PQQ is approved as a dietary supplement in the United States and the European Union, and China has also approved PQQ as a new food ingredient, and its safety has been recognized. Studies have shown that PQQ is safe for humans and animals within a certain dosage range and has high oral bioavailability.

The application and research of PQQ in different fields have demonstrated its potential as a multifunctional bioactive substance.


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