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NMN may improve cognitive impairment caused by NP

Author: GSHWORLD Release time: 2023-09-01 Column: Product News


Recently, researchers from the School of Food Science of South China Agricultural University and the Key Laboratory of Food Quality and Safety of Guangdong Province published research results in "Food and Chemical Toxicology" that: NP exposure can cause learning and memory impairment in rats, but low A dose of NMN may help restore cognitive abilities

In order to test whether NMN can improve learning and memory impairment after NP exposure, the researchers first used the "passive avoidance test" method to detect the cognitive ability of rats exposed to NP and supplemented with NMN.

In the experiment, the researchers placed rats in a bright compartment and gave them the option to move to a dark compartment. But when the rats tried to enter the dark compartment, they were given electric shocks to their feet. And, the longer the rats stayed in the dark compartment (i.e., step latency), the better their fear memory for the footshock.

The experiment found that exposure to NP significantly shortened the stepping latency, indicating that the learning and memory abilities of rats were affected.

After supplementing NP-exposed rats with low doses of NMN, the stride latency of the rats was restored, indicating that the learning and memory abilities of the rats may have been improved, that is, NMN may be helpful to the cognitive impairment caused by NP exposure.


To study how NMN regulates learning and memory impairment in rats under the influence of NP, the researchers measured the levels of memory-related receptors (serotonin receptors) in the hippocampus, a region of the brain associated with learning and memory, and found that NP exposure significantly reduced serotonin receptor levels, but levels of 3 serotonin receptors could be restored by low-dose NMN supplementation.

Experiments have shown that NMN may increase the number of serotonin receptors, thereby improving the learning and memory abilities of rats. These findings suggest that NMN may help those exposed to high levels of NP improve cognitive decline. Of course, we also need more animal and human experiments to test and confirm, and look forward to the outstanding performance of NMN in this field.

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