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NMN promotes metabolism

Author: GSHWORLD Release time: 2023-08-17 Column: Product News


Recently, researchers from Shanghai Jiaotong University published an article in the journal "Aging and Disease", indicating that they reviewed the current status of NMN research and conducted an important and comprehensive survey of previous NMN research. Investigating animal studies, the team confirmed that NMN can alleviate aging problems associated with metabolic disorders; likewise, the investigated human studies demonstrated, as expected, that NMN is effective in increasing blood NAD+ levels and improving insulin sensitivity , Reduce fatigue and improve physical function.

To investigate the potential anti-aging benefits of NMN, researchers first conducted a comprehensive survey of the literature using animal research models. One of these studies showed that NMN extended the lifespan of a worm model with an accelerated aging condition called Werner syndrome by about 30%. The study, published in 2019, suggests that NMN can exert anti-aging effects to potentially extend lifespan.

NMN promotes metabolism

NMN significantly increased the median survival of Werner syndrome worms. Werner syndrome worms treated with NMN had a median survival of up to 20 days (orange line) compared to Werner syndrome worms not treated with NMN (red line).

Not only that, another study investigated by the researchers showed that NAD+ levels drop during aging in mice, but NMN restores it to improve the function of the powerhouse of cells (mitochondrion). In addition, related studies have shown that NMN can improve body weight, insulin sensitivity and energy expenditure in mice fed a high-fat diet. Further studies also showed that NMN reversed the age-related increase in the activation of inflammatory genes, suggesting that NMN has an anti-inflammatory effect.

These mouse studies offer researchers hope that NMN could be effective in ameliorating age-related diseases, perhaps even in humans.

Of course, researchers also survey the current state of human experimental research, with the goal of determining whether relevant findings in animal models apply to humans. In the studies they reviewed, NMN not only restored the length of the ends of chromosomes (telomeres), but also improved metabolic parameters such as insulin sensitivity in women with prediabetes. Additionally, another study in older men showed that NMN improved mental and physical fatigue, potentially combating age-related frailty. It is worth mentioning that all the clinical trials that the team investigated and reviewed led to the belief that NMN can improve physiological function during aging.

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