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Supplementing NMN can replenish NAD+ in the body

Author: GSHWORLD Release time: 2023-11-14 Column: Product News


NMN is a popular anti-aging substance, its full name is Nicotinamide Mononucleotide. The effect of NMN has been confirmed by many biology and academic circles. Many internationally renowned magazines, such as "Science", "Cell", and "Nature" have published positive articles about NMN. It is currently the best way to delay aging. One of the oral ingredients.

Human aging is a dynamic process, and the physiological mechanisms behind it mainly focus on: genome instability, telomere shortening, epigenetic changes, loss of protein homeostasis, decreased nutrient absorption capacity, mitochondrial abnormalities, cellular senescence, and stem cell exhaustion. ,The change of cell communication is a dynamic process. Cells are the most basic units of human body composition and physiological activities. Health problems such as failure will eventually manifest at the cellular level. Therefore, anti-aging should also start with maintaining the health of cells. As the name suggests, "cell repair" is the process of repairing and restoring cell damage to rejuvenate human cells.

Research has found that supplemented NMN enters cells and forms NAD+ under the action of enzymes and ATP, thereby helping humans repair DNA damage and delay aging.


1. Anti-aging effect of NAD+

In March 2018, this study published in the internationally renowned journal Cell found that after increasing NAD+, the number and density of capillaries in "old mice" and "young mice" were almost the same, and they Stamina increased by up to 80%.

2. NAD+ enhances DNA gene repair

During DNA repair, NAD+ and cells need to be consumed as fuel. When DNA is damaged, the PARP1 protein will jump out immediately, mark the damaged location quickly, and rescue and repair the damaged area. PARP relies on NAD + to function, and PARP is also one of the main consumers of NAD + in cells.

3. NAD+ improves mitochondria and extends the lifespan of mice

In 2016, this study published in Science found that supplementing NAD+ improved mitochondria and stem cells and extended the lifespan of mice.

Supplementing NMN can replenish NAD+ in the body. Studies have proven that NMN can also help glucose metabolism, improve insulin resistance, enhance immunity, improve neurological problems caused by aging, and protect the liver, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

*Special note - This article is for informational purposes only and cannot replace a doctor's treatment diagnosis and advice. It should not be regarded as a recommendation or proof of efficacy of the medical products involved. If it involves disease diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation, please be sure to go to a professional medical institution to seek professional advice.

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