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The role of citicoline sodium (CDPC) in medicine

Author: GSHWORLD Release time: 2023-06-01 Column: Technological Innovation


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Cyclic di-P(MPC) (CDPC) is a cyclic phosphodiester derivative of phosphonic acid, which was approved by FDA and obtained market authorization in 2015. It is mainly used in the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

In terms of its working principle, CDPC has little systemic absorption, and the lung deposition rate is more than 50%. The active substance acts as a gaseous channel activator to reduce airway resistance and restore mucociliary clearance, improve mucociliary transport and volume flow, regulate airway inflammation and improve mucous membrane repair.

CDPC is considered a novel bronchodilator in the treatment of COPD because of its unique action and the fact that it has no systemic absorption and does not cause serious side effects. It has the following advantages:

Reduce airway resistance: As a small molecule, CDPC can easily penetrate the airways, and it acts as a gaseous channel activator to reduce airway resistance within a few minutes. Improve patient lung function: CDPC can quickly improve patient lung function and reduce dyspnea through its action of reducing airway resistance. Reduce cough: By reducing airways inflammation, CDPC can also alleviate cough symptoms and effectively reduce sputum production. Reduce hospitalization risk: CDPC can improve patient self-control and prevent exacerbations, and thus reduce the risk of hospitalization. Systemic absorption is small and the side effect is small: CDPC has no systemic absorption and fewer side effects, even in patients with long-term use.

CDPN has a better efficacy in improving lung function than other commonly used bronchodilators, such as β2 agonists and anticholinergics. It can improve FEV1, FVC and other pulmonary function parameters within a few minutes of inhalation and maintain an effective effect for 12 hours. In clinical application, CDPN combined with other COPD drugs can significantly reduce exacerbation, improve patient symptom control and reduce hospitalization risk.

Therefore, CDPC is a novel bronchodilator for the treatment of COPD, which has fewer systemic side effects and has a good clinical effect in improving patient pulmonary functions and reducing airway resistance. It has been proven to be effective and safe in the clinical application.

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