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What is the relationship between ATP and creatine phosphate?

Author: GSHWORLD Release time: 2024-01-25 Column: Product News


ATP is composed of one molecule of adenine, one molecule of ribose, and three connected phosphate groups. ATP is a special energy carrier in living cells. It is widely present in the nucleus, mitochondria, chloroplasts and cytoplasmic matrix, and is constantly converted to ADP to form the ATP system. The energy in ATP can be directly converted into various other forms of energy for use in various life activities.

In animal and human cells (especially muscle cells), in addition to ATP, other high-energy phosphate compounds include creatine phosphate (represented by C~P).

When animal and human cells excessively reduce the intracellular ATP content due to large amounts of energy consumption, under the catalysis of relevant enzymes, the phosphate groups in creatine phosphate are transferred to ADP together with energy, thereby generating ATP and creatine ( can be represented by C); when the ATP content is relatively high, under the catalysis of relevant enzymes, ATP can transfer the phosphate group together with energy to creatine, converting creatine into creatine phosphate.

For animal and human cells, creatine phosphate is only a storage form of energy and cannot be used directly. It can be seen that for animal and human cells, creatine phosphate plays a buffering role between energy release, transfer and utilization, so that the intracellular ATP content can remain relatively stable and the dynamic balance of the ATP system can be maintained. 

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