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Rejuvila Introduces Youth Protect™ with Glutathione

Author: GSHWORLD Release time: 2015-09-07 Column: Technological Innovation


Rejuvila has created a trifecta of free radical defense with Youth Protect™. A combination of Glutathione, GliSODin® SOD – a free radical fighter – and organic kale and watercress, Youth Protect™ is designed to promote healthy aging.

As the body ages, its stores of antioxidant defenses naturally declines. Eating, exercising and even breathing creates free radicals, which are imbalanced molecules that attack at the cellular level. This constant siege can impact overall health and wellness – and how quickly a person ages. Antioxidants, such as those found in Youth Protect™, are vital to getting the body back in balance.

Glutathione – replenishes the body’s stores while also protecting cells from oxidative stress and harmful toxins. Glutathione** has also been shown to extend the life of other antioxidants in the body, such as Vitamins E and C. GliSODin® SOD has been shown to be the only oral product to effectively deliver SOD – superoxide dismutase orgotein – as it is bound with gluten free Gliadin from wheat that protects the inherently fragile SOD molecule from stomach acids. Together with the kale and watercress in Youth Protect™, the ingredients create a powerful protector as we age.

“Both kale and watercress are high in sulfur, a precursor to glutathione, which helps boost the effect of Glutathione,” said Myra Michelle Mesko Eby, Rejuvila chief executive officer. “These plants also contain gluconasturtin, which has been shown to inhibit carcinogens*, as well as valuable nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and calcium.”

About Rejuvila

At rejuvila, we believe in the human body and have tremendous respect for the complex processes that it needs to perform each day – and we try to support our bodies in the best possible way. As business leaders, athletes, passionate family members, and stewards of the land we know that staying healthy is key. We live in an age where everyone is overextended and striking a balanced life is challenging. We’ve created formulas for vibrant aging. Formulas with purpose that support the body and promote optimal living. Formulas that give the body the respect it deserves. Formulas for us. Formulas for you. Choices we make today affect tomorrow. 

We source the best ingredients, always Non-GMO, from suppliers who are industry leaders in pure, potent and uNADulterated raw materials. Quality isn’t a word that we toss around lightly; our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, husbands, partners and children are taking these formulas as well. We inspect and analyze every batch to confirm identity and bioactive constituents. All of our ingredients are 3rd party tested to ensure the absence of heavy metal toxicity, chemical contaminants and pesticides, as well as salmonella, E. coli, mold, yeast, and additional microbial contaminants. We use only clinically researched, efficacious dosing. All of our products are produced at a top of the line GMP, FDA approved and QAI Organic Certified facility.


Shenzhen GSH Bio-tech Co., Ltd is a professional manufacture focusing on research, development and producing the reduced glutathione by biocatalytic method. The annual production capability can be reached to 200 ton, and the quality of our glutathione can be at the pharmaceutical level.

Since the very beginning of company setting-up, we have been dedicated on environment saving and product quality is increasing. We utilize the patented method to produce the GSH with less energy consumption at 70% less and pollution discharge at 80% less, compared with traditional way. Green production is our always persistent endeavor; no any heavy metal iron is added during the whole production process.

So far, we produce three levels of glutathione, food level, cosmetic level and pharmaceutical level.


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