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What is 'enzymatic synthesis coupled with ATP regeneration platform'?

Author: GSHWORLD Release time: 2024-06-17 Column: Technological Innovation


For more than ten years, our annual investment in R&D has exceeded 20% of our revenue. Innovation is our most distinctive background.

After years of hard work by a large number of R&D personnel, the company has built the "enzymatic synthesis coupled with ATP regeneration platform" platform. Through AI simulation of directed mutation of natural enzymes in nature, genetic engineering technology is used to screen out enzyme modules suitable for industrialization and detachable assembly. By optimizing the reaction process, different enzyme combination modules are used to produce different products. The two modules interact with each other to achieve continuous circulation of ATP outside the body, solving the problem of the source of the ability of enzymatic reactions.

enzymatic synthesis coupled with ATP regeneration platform

At present, the company's "enzymatic synthesis coupled with ATP regeneration platform" technology has matured. Using this platform technology, the company has achieved low-carbon production of products such as reduced glutathione, Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, citicoline, phosphocreatine, adenosylmethionine, etc.

Enzymatic production of API also has the following advantages:

1. Cost-effectiveness: The cost of the enzymatic production process is usually lower than that of the total synthesis method, ATP is renewable, and the energy, raw material and labor costs are low.

2. Green and environmentally friendly: The enzymatic process uses less organic solvents, produces less organic waste, and has better sewage treatment than the fermentation method, which is a green process.

3. Product quality: Enzymatic products have advantages in stability, purity, color and odor, which helps to improve product quality.

4. Technical specificity: Enzymatic production technology is unique and has its own core competitiveness.

In the future, we will continue to increase R&D investment, promote the industrialization of synthetic biology, and provide customers with more low-carbon, high-quality and efficient products.


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