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Glutathione and Citicoline

Author: GSHWORLD Release time: 2023-10-26 Column: Product News


Glaucoma is a chronic eye disease characterized by progressive damage to the optic nerve and visual field defects, causing permanent functional and structural damage to patients. In recent years, the potential benefits of nutrients in glaucoma and other eye diseases have attracted widespread attention. Clinical studies have shown that the application of relevant nutritional supplements is expected to improve patients' quality of life and reduce the burden on the healthcare system.

Glaucoma, an eye disease characterized by progressive damage to the optic nerve and visual field loss, is the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide. Intraocular pressure is considered a major risk factor for the progression and worsening of glaucoma, and current main treatments include topical medications, laser, and surgery. In recent years, researchers have proposed ways to use nutritional supplements to provide neuroprotective and antioxidant factors to help slow the progression of glaucoma.

Glutathione is a sulfur-containing tripeptide produced in the cytoplasm. It has powerful antioxidant functions in the eyes due to its high affinity for reactive oxygen molecules. The study found that patients with primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) and normal tension glaucoma (NTG) had significantly lower reduced glutathione levels than non-glaucoma controls.

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Citicoline is an intermediate product of phospholipid synthesis in cell membranes and is currently widely used as a supplement in glaucoma management. Experimental evidence suggests that citicoline has a protective effect on retinal ganglion cells and improves visual function. In addition, citicoline stimulates the dopaminergic system and has the potential to improve neuronal signaling within the retina and visual pathways.


The use of nutrients offers new hope in the management of many eye diseases, including glaucoma. Nutrient-rich properties, such as low cost, no significant side effects, and easy absorption, make it an attractive option for medical treatment. While nutrients cannot replace traditional medications and surgical treatments, they can still work synergistically with gold standard treatments to improve outcomes.

*Special note - This article is for informational purposes only and cannot replace a doctor's treatment diagnosis and advice. It should not be regarded as a recommendation or proof of efficacy of the medical products involved. If it involves disease diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation, please be sure to go to a professional medical institution to seek professional advice.

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