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NMN reduces blood pressure in patients with hypertension

Author: GSHWORLD Release time: 2023-10-26 Column: Product News


According to the latest research data released by The Lancet, the largest study to date on global hypertension trends, led by Imperial College London and the World Health Organization and conducted by more than 1,100 doctors and scientists, found findings.

Over the past 30 years, the number of adults aged 30-79 with high blood pressure has increased from 650 million to 1.28 billion, of whom more than 700 million do not know they have high blood pressure.

On September 18, 2023, Tao Jun, Xia Wenhao and Huang Hui of Sun Yat-sen University jointly published a research paper in "Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy" showing that NAD+ depletion caused by CD38 upregulation contributes to the increase in blood pressure and vascular damage in patients with hypertension.

To explore changes in NAD+ levels in hypertension, the study recruited 102 participants, including 52 healthy subjects and 50 patients newly diagnosed with hypertension.

The researchers isolated PBMC from the participants and measured NAD+ levels and metabolite levels by high-performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (HPLC-MS).


NMN supplementation restored decreased NAD+ levels in PBMCs associated with vascular function in hypertension.

The results suggest that reduced NAD+ levels may be associated with the regulation of hypertension and vascular dysfunction.

To further demonstrate the important role of NAD+ in hypertension, patients aged 18 to 80 years initially diagnosed with mild essential hypertension (blood pressure range 130/80 to 159/99mmHg) participated in the study.

Results showed that oral NMN supplementation effectively increased NAD+ levels in PBMC by approximately 43% and significantly increased energy metabolism. After 6 weeks of NMN supplementation, systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure decreased by 6.11mmHg and 3.56mmHg respectively.

Clinical data proves that NMN supplements can lower blood pressure and improve vascular damage in patients with hypertension. It also proves that NMN supplements effectively improve NAD+ metabolism in patients with hypertension.

The group taking NMN showed a significant reduction in systolic blood pressure (the reading of blood pressure when the heart pumps blood), indicating that NMN does reduce this key reading of high blood pressure.


1.Qiu, Y., Xu, S., Chen, X.et al. NAD+ exhaustion by CD38 upregulation contributes to blood pressure elevation and vascular damage in hypertension. Sig Transduct Target Ther 8, 353 (2023).

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