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The role of glutathione in winemaking?

Author: China Glutathione suppliers & manufacturers Release time: 2024-04-22 Column: Product News


As a natural antioxidant, glutathione is found in many fruits, vegetables and beverages (including wine). Glutathione is composed of glutamic acid, glycine and cysteine, which can scavenge free radicals and prevent wine Oxidative browning has a significant protective effect on the aroma components of grapes, so glutathione is also recognized as a safe additive by the International Organization of Grapes and Wine (OIV).


Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant in wine that helps protect wine from oxidative damage, scavenge free radicals and reactive oxygen species, and prevent changes in wine flavor and aroma. Glutathione can react with aldehydes (such as acetaldehyde) and convert them into more stable forms, limiting their accumulation in wine during storage and, among other things, protecting varietal thiols from Oxidation increases the aroma of wine.

In addition to wine, glutathione also plays a certain role in the fermentation of other fruit wines.

1. Fragrant pear wine

Studies have proven that adding an appropriate amount of glutathione can improve the aroma components and quality of aromatic pear wine, especially in inhibiting browning and protecting total phenols. Adding an appropriate amount of glutathione during the fermentation stage can reduce the use of sulfur dioxide and improve the quality of fruit wine.

Fragrant pear wine

2. Kiwi wine

Aroma components are key indicators of wine quality and consumer acceptance. Experiments have shown that the addition of glutathione is beneficial to the aroma maintenance of kiwi wine during the storage stage, plays a positive protective role on aroma compounds, and helps maintain the characteristic aroma components of kiwi wine.

It is worth noting that glutathione is mainly used as a nutritional supplement in most countries. Although the FDA recognizes it as a GRAS ingredient, its use is restricted by specific uses and maximum usage. Regulations on food additives vary widely in different countries, and food additive regulations will change at different times. If you want to obtain more accurate information, it is recommended to consult the official regulatory documents or contact the relevant food safety regulatory agencies.

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