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NMN can prevent skin damage caused by inflammation

Author: China Glutathione suppliers & manufacturers Release time: 2023-10-31 Column: Product News


The skin is not only the first physiological line of defense of the human body, but also the largest organ of the body. Since the skin is always involved in the functional activities of the body and maintains the unity of opposites between the body and the natural environment, most abnormal conditions of the body can be intuitively expressed through the skin.

In addition to being closely related to various tissue and organ diseases of the body, various diseases can occur on the skin itself. Among them, atopic dermatitis is a relatively common chronic relapsing skin inflammation.

Researchers from Wuhan University found through experiments that NMN can reduce the symptoms of organisms suffering from atopic dermatitis and restore their skin barrier function by blocking the JAK2/STAT5 signaling pathway related to oxidative stress. Subsequently, the scientific research team also published this blockbuster research result in the immunology journal "International Immunopharmacology".

1. NMN can prevent skin damage caused by inflammation

Researchers used chemicals to induce skin inflammation in mice to create a mouse model of eczema. Untreated eczema model mice exhibit severe skin lesions, itching, rashes, and scales. Treating these mice with topical application of NMN significantly reduced these symptoms.


Normal skin aging and eczema are characterized by several cellular processes and skin symptoms, including excessive ROS and water loss. ROS is a type of highly reactive oxygen molecules that can directly damage cells if not neutralized by antioxidants. ROS damages cells that form the skin’s protective barrier and promotes inflammation.

2. NMN can reduce ROS and inflammatory molecules

Nippon Tsurumatsu researchers showed that NMN reduced ROS and inflammatory molecules while increasing natural (endogenous) antioxidant levels in eczema model mice. NMN treatment also increases proteins involved in skin barrier function. Additionally, NMN treatment reduces skin moisture loss, a common symptom of aging skin that leads to dryness. These findings suggest that NMN can reverse not only aspects of eczema, but also normal skin aging.

NAD+ is an essential molecule that mediates energy production and fuels enzymes with critical cellular functions such as DNA repair. Cells use NMN to synthesize NAD+, thereby increasing its concentration level. The researchers showed that NMN can reduce ROS, indicating that NAD+ can alleviate the damage caused to cells by excessive ROS due to oxidative stress.

Notably, these and other studies show that NMN works by limiting ROS and oxidative stress, suggesting that NMN targets one of the root causes of skin aging.


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