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How does Citicoline Sodium support eye health?

Author: GSHWORLD Release time: 2024-06-07 Column: Product News


Citicoline is a mononucleotide composed of ribose, cytosine, pyrophosphate and choline. It is believed to activate neuronal metabolism, stabilize neuronal membranes and promote neurotransmission.

As a precursor of phosphatidylcholine and acetylcholine, hydrolysis can form choline and cytidine. Oral citicoline helps to provide exogenous choline and cytidine.

Choline is an essential nutrient that is critical for cellular function. Cholinergic signaling is related to neurocognitive function, visual neurophysiology and interaction with neurons. Good sources of dietary choline include eggs (especially egg yolk), offal (such as liver), legumes (such as soybeans) and wheat germ. Choline intake tends to decrease with age. In the case of increased choline requirements, supplementation with citicoline is a safer and more effective option.

The neuroprotective effects of citicoline have been confirmed in various experimental paradigms. After partial compression of the optic nerve, the use of citicoline can effectively rescue retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) connected to brain targets.

How does Citicoline Sodium maintain eye health?

How does Citicoline Sodium support eye health?

1. Save squeezed RGC

2. Counteract nitrosative stress and reduce excitotoxicity

3. Reduce apoptosis and counteract neuronal cell damage

4. Improve mitochondrial function and delay mitochondrial aging

5. Affect non-glutamate neurotransmitter system

6. Effect on demyelination and remyelination

7. Increase neurotrophic factor levels

8. Improve axonal transport defects

Choline in citicoline has extremely high tissue bioavailability and can be used as intramuscular injection, oral agent and topical solution (such as eye drops). In recent years, it has been declared as a food ingredient by the United States and the European Union, so the supplement form also includes dietary supplements.


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